Hi 5! Celebrate Christmas at The Mills’ 5th Anniversary
16.12.2023(Sat) 06.01.2024(Sat)
16.12.2023(Sat) 06.01.2024(Sat)

Join in the celebration of The Mills‘ 5th anniversary, where a uniquely heartwarming and environmentally conscious Christmas awaits! This year, the theme of “Weaving a Brighter Tomorrow” embodies The Mills‘ dedication to uniting people from all walks of life and exploring the boundless possibilities of local arts, culture, and heritage conservation. Over the past five years, The Mills has steadfastly promoted sustainable development through a range of cultural initiatives. Upholding this eco-friendly approach, the esteemed local designer, Orange Terry and DiDi Ng have been invited to transform the original materials of the former Wavy Weaving Wall into a magnificent, suspended Christmas décor. Fireworks, the inspiration for this artwork, are often used as a symbol of celebration, and they also hold special significance in commemorating The Mills’ 5th birthday. This exceptional transformation breathes new life into these materials while infusing the festive season with an environmentally conscious spirit.

Giant Eco-Friendly Christmas Decoration

 In celebration of The Mills‘ 5th Anniversary, local designer Orange Terry and DiDi Ng have captured the essence of fireworks to craft a vibrant and giant Christmas decoration. Embracing the cultural tradition of merging art with environmental elements during holiday celebrations, the materials from the renowned “Wavy Weaving Wall” project have been repurposed and transformed into a magnificent eco-friendly Christmas installation. The familiar “Wavy Weaving Wall” takes on a new form, bringing forth delightful memories and envisioning a new future for local arts and culture.