07.10.2022(Fri) 30.10.2022(Sun)
07.10.2022(Fri) 30.10.2022(Sun)

The MATCHA TOKYO has young tea masters in the store, showing the tea ceremony craftsmanship in a fashionable and leisurely way. In addition to let customers tasting high-quality matcha, but also experiencing Japanese tea ceremony culture. The Mills shop offers a 30-minute tea ceremony workshop, where the tea master will teach the Japanese tea ceremony face-to-face, allowing customers to make an appointment to experience the tea ceremony culture in person. Afterwards, a certificate will be given to customers, showing the persistence in the art of tea.

Date: Every Fri to Sun in Oct

Time: 11:00-11:30

Participation Fee: $98/person (Up to 6 people – subject to availability)

Venue: THE MATCHA TOKYO (Shop G01)

Registration: Call 2699 2038 or visit The Mills shop