“The Store In Time -“Ritual of Dining


In Time Of

“In Time Of” programme is a community project introduced by Nan Fung Group with sustainable development, community design and art and culture as the main focus. We co-create with the citizens and connect with different people in the community.

The Store In Time

This year, “In Time Of” will open a daily life story concept store – “The Store In Time” at The Mills. Different community stories are presented through a series of cultural and community projects focusing on “local farming ‧ seed ‧ ingredients ‧ stories” We hope that visitors will take away not only a product, but also the story of the creator. We also hope that the public will reflect and explore the relationship between food and daily life.
Opens Every Wed-Sun (Closes on Mon-Tue)


Time : 12:00-18:00

Venue : G/F (Near Pak Tin Par Street Entrance)

Ritual of Dining

Discover local flavours – Since ancient times, food and utensils have been intricately intertwined. Utensils are similar to food’s clothing. The ingredients change with the seasons, and changing utensils with the seasons also changes the scenery of the dining table. Food, as well as the relationship between food producers, the land, and us, is frequently found in utensils.

This time, “Ritual of Dining” invited local ceramist Yiu Chun Wa (Yiu Wa) to collect soil from local fields, shores, and pond edges and mix it with clay to create various utensils, transforming natural soil into something we can use every day. As a result, the utensils bring us closer to the land. Working with local clay encouraged him to pay close attention to the ground beneath his feet. Simultaneously, he discovered that the soil has a wide range of colours and properties. He brought out the other side of the inconspicuous soil, starting with the clay prototype.

The pandemic has given TAKENEKO’s Hong Kong founder a chance to have a deeper understanding of the natural environment on Lantau Island, as well as the opportunity to explore the possibilities of using Hong Kong bamboo for bamboo weaving. By knowing the local material, understanding the quality of it from time to time to discovered the best possibility. The property of Hong Kong bamboo is fragile, don’t put too much pressure on her to meet excessive requirements. It is not necessary to complete more complicated processing; instead, keep it simple, make the best use of resources, weave a stable pattern, and preserve the life of Hong Kong bamboo on bamboo utensils. This demonstrates the uniqueness of bamboo. We may always find a way to weave different possibilities by telling the tale of the Hong Kong bamboo, as well as the story of our hands.

Each utensil is one-of-a-kind. It makes use of soil from different parts of the land. Yiu Wa’s creation is nourished by the beauty of nature. Yiu Wa enjoys discovering material properties and showcasing them in his art.