WeWeave —— Vintage Carnival
09.09.2023(Sat) 10.09.2023(Sun)
09.09.2023(Sat) 10.09.2023(Sun)

The Mills’ annual event “WeWeave” by will return in November with a series of cultural festivities in addition to the exciting music and arts experiences of previous years. The cultural festivals aim to build a platform for cultural exchange among community stores and provide enriching cultural experiences for festival-goers, continuing the spirit of The Mills in connecting the community through creativity and culture.

Following the success of the Dessert Carnival during the summer, The Mills hopes to evoke nostalgia and create anticipation among vintage enthusiasts with the Vintage Carnival in September. The term “vintage” originated from Old French and means “the best year.” It was first used in fashion in the 1980s and has become a trend in recent years. Something that can be considered “vintage” is not just a simple old item; it should have high quality, lasting value, and nostalgic significance.  

For this Vintage Carnival, we have invited 10 unique and specialized vintage stores, including “Mintage M&C,” “Captain Football Shop +852” classic jersey store, “Time Vintage,” “Shroom,” “好-好 Ho-Ho,” “Movie Marks,” “My T Eye HK,” “year.vintage 二丫古,” “idiot camera,” and “Vintage 1961.” They have sourced vintage treasures from around the world, including items dating back to the 1920s, to bring to The Mills. You can explore nostalgic vintage clothing, classic jerseys, vintage watches, lifestyle utensils, tableware, Japanese film posters, handmade accessories, antique cameras, and more at the Vintage Carnival. You can also interact with the store owners and learn about vintage culture and collecting experiences, spreading the love for all things vintage. 

In recent years, the rise of “fast fashion” has changed the entire fashion production ecosystem and led to wasteful consumption patterns. In this social environment, it is worth trying to understand the brand stories behind different small stores from diverse backgrounds during events like this. We can appreciate the beauty of old objects and the concepts that vintage culture represents, such as rejecting mainstream trends, pursuing individual uniqueness, and advocating for sustainability. It is an opportunity to reflect on how we can practice a lifestyle that combines “fashion” and “environmental protection.” 

WeWeave – Vintage Carnival 
Date: 9-10 September 2023 (Saturday & Sunday) 
Time: 12:00 noon to 7:00 pm 
Location: The Mills 

Vintage Carnival Map

Store introduction:

Mintage M&C was founded in 2022, collecting vintage clothes from various countries and regions such as Japan, Europe, the US, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia. Although our vintage clothes are old items, the vast majority of them are clean and almost new, with a nostalgic beauty. These clothes have survived over the years, proving their excellent fabric quality and that they are still worth your love and care. 

If there are any stains or damages on our clothes, we will try our best to clean and repair them. By removing the stains and fixing them up, we want to restore the original beauty of our selected treasures and find new owners who will love them, giving them a new life. Let us follow the trend while cherishing resources, valuing the past, and falling in love with vintage fashion. 

During the process of collecting football jerseys, the store owner discovered that besides having high collectible value, old-fashioned jerseys are also widely worn as trendy fashion items by many young men and women in foreign countries. They hope to bring this trend to Hong Kong in the near future because “Hong Kong people really love football.” 

Each old football jersey holds a unique story and image. Whenever we see a jersey, it reminds us of past championship moments of a certain team or the spectacular goals scored by a particular player. It also represents the support of football fans. 

Time.Vintage.HK aims to help customers appreciate and cherish time more deeply. We believe that watches are not only essential accessories for everyone, but also valuable assets that can carry historical and time-honored significance. 

Each vintage watch is unique, with its own distinct features and style. We strive to provide professional advice and pair you with the perfect vintage watch that showcases your personality and style, allowing both the watch owner and the vintage watch itself to exude a deeper charm and value. 

The shop owner resides in the southern region of France and enjoys exploring local antique markets to collect vintage European items. Each antique has its own history and story, making them unique and precious. The name “Shroom” comes from the owner’s love of mushrooms, leading to a collection of vintage mushroom-related products. 

The owner has a particular affinity for the vintage style, which began during her stay in Japan several years ago. While there, she visited different antique markets and small shops, leading to her interest in collecting vintage items. In recent years, since moving to France, her collection has transitioned from the Japanese Showa era to European vintage. 

Since childhood, the shop owner has had a passion for antiques and treasure hunting. Exploring antiques allows her to understand their age, place of origin, and history, and when she holds them, she feels a sense of weight and significance. The smells, sounds, and textures of these items ignite the imagination and transport her into the ambiance of history. 

  For the shop owner, the best way to showcase antiques is to continue using them in daily life, allowing beautiful objects to become a part of everyday living. Regardless of the era, everyone needs food. Tableware, as vessels for food, reflects the lifestyle, techniques, and developments of the time, giving us a glimpse into the lives of the past. There is thoughtfulness and aesthetics in each piece. Using antiques also allows us to discover aesthetic possibilities different from those of modern everyday objects.


Movie Marks is a Japanese promotional flyer specialty store that primarily sells official B5 promotional flyers from Japan, as well as Japanese movie programs, movie merchandise, postcards, and second-hand creations inspired by Hong Kong local artists. 

The shop owner hopes that the store can become a gathering place for movie lovers. In addition to selling movie products, we also regularly hold screenings and monthly film screening events. 

The layout of Japanese movie flyers is exquisite, and each movie has the potential for a redesigned cover font, making them unique and beautiful. Once you begin collecting them, it’s hard to stop! 


Shop owner Tarlan Amigh was born in Australia. She met her husband in Hong Kong, and their three children were born in Hong Kong. She considers herself a Hong Konger and loves everything about the city. Since 2019, she has had a strong desire to contribute to the preservation of Hong Kong’s cultural heritage, which led her to establish @hongkongmadethis to document and archive Hong Kong-made items. She also created @myteyehk as a platform to sell antique items made in Hong Kong and other popular collectibles. 

The shop owner believes that her collection is a living testament to the rich history and enduring heritage of craftsmanship in this city. These collections bear witness to the history of this city and the exceptional craftsmanship of its artisans. 

year vintagehk is a specialty store that specializes in sourcing a wide variety of vintage items from Japan and abroad. These items are filled with nostalgia and each rare piece carries a sense of history. 

The store owner aims to bring vintage items from around the world to Hong Kong, adding a touch of joy to people’s busy lives. 

The products mainly consist of vintage home furnishings, each piece representing a different era and country. This includes lighting fixtures, wooden clocks, tableware, and more. The design of these items also reflects the lifestyle preferences of people from different time periods. 

idiot camera was established in 2020, with a focus on selling vintage film cameras from the 1970s-1990s. The store also regularly holds photography workshops on various themes and shares photography-related knowledge on social media. 

The owner of the store stumbled upon film photography many years ago and was immediately drawn to the classic design of the cameras, as well as the unique texture and nostalgic feeling of the resulting images. They hope to provide everyone with the opportunity to experience the charm of film photography! 

The mission of idiot camera is to make film a part of everyday life by offering the most affordable prices for vintage film cameras with a rich historical sentiment. They hope that those who own film cameras can take a moment to appreciate the beauty of every precious moment in life. 

Vintage1961 not only collects exquisite classical treasures from around the world but also seeks out the historical stories behind them. They also offer their own retro-designed clothing, allowing everyone to step into a beautiful time tunnel. 

Their store is filled with jewelry, clothing, handbags, accessories, and bone china tea sets, with a history that can be traced back to the 1880s to the 1980s. Whether one is fascinated by the historical stories behind vintage items, appreciates the craftsmanship of the past, or is searching for unique vintage pieces, girls who love classical style can find elegant treasures at Vintage1961.