“Where is My Next Home” Janas Lau Illustration Exhibition

28.01.2019(Mon) 03.03.2019(Sun)
28.01.2019(Mon) 03.03.2019(Sun)

About the Story and the Illustrator

Through the eyes of an eight-year old, Ming, the story outlines the skyrocketing rent, the messy land policies and the numerous social problems of various kinds in Hong Kong.
The story begins with the depiction of Ming’s family in the city’s notorious “coffin home” and how an arson attack left them homeless. Being unable to afford the soaring rents in the city, they were forced to move into the remote countryside, an environment so foreign to Ming. Gradually, the family adapted to the new life and neighborhood, enjoying their time with the villagers, farmers and the beautiful nature.
They thought they could have a new home, a new life with new hope. However, the government and land developers decided to resume the land where they lived
even under strong protest. When the parade did not seem to work; the voices of the people did not seem to be heard, the Ming’s family had to pack their bags and leave again.
In Hong Kong today, where is the most secure home? Ming’s story draws on my personal childhood which I lived in a 30 m² cramped flat with my eight family members. Perhaps, these are the typical experiences of a whole generation of Hong Kong people. Luckily, I am still living in this “home” and once had the chance to experience a contrasting lifestyle as a weekend farmer at Nim Shue Wan, Discovery Bay.
I hope this story can arouse the public awareness about the reality of the living standard of Hong Kong people.
We hope that one day we can all live in dignity, and at the same time, we can coexist with the most precious nature of Hong Kong.



About the Gallery at ‘Mou 1 Mou’
Mou 1 Mou is inherited from the original store, Tei Mou Koon Dessert. Striving to follow the mission of “Original taste, Handmade” the Chinese-style beverages are all prepared with healthy and raw ingredients.
Tei Mou Koon Dessert was established back in 1990, locating in Fuk Lo Tsun Raod at Kowloon City, it was well-known of its Cantonese style dessert. While the second generation is now taking up the business, they want to pass the tradition to the modern world. They revamped the menu infusing with hand-drawn ingredients, yet kept the traditional elements throughout the new shop in The Mills. Art pieces are seen in Mou 1 Mou, in the hope of offering customers a glimpse of local arts when they are savoring the local food and drinks.