The Mills'

2019.03.30 - 04.30

Sketching Hong Kong and Macau, using bright colours and with heart

Date: 30.3.2019 – 30.4.2019
Venue: 118,Europa Tea Foundry, 45 Pak Tin Par Street Tsuen Wan, The Mills

Victor Law was born in Macau and spent his childhood there. Five years ago, he self taught
himself to draw and has become a successful Urban Sketcher with his unique style of drawing.
Using ink pen and watercolour, he has done hundreds of drawings on Hong Kong and Macau
way of life. From Pei Ho Street old buildings with hut on the rooftop, to historical sites such as
Bethanie and Woo Cheong Pawn Shop, and Macau’s Ruin of St. Paul… his unique colourful
drawings capture the beautiful moment of our society that we can all take a moment out of our
busy life and appreciate the city that we live in.
Victor has previously held solo exhibitions and workshops, in addition to organising and
participating in many group exhibitions. He does many charity work both as a photographer and
a sketcher, and has led drawing classes for charity organisations for both able and disabled
His main job is a Financial Planning Manager, and also practises as a certified Psychotherapist
that helps others with emotional issues. The goal is to help others to make a change and live a
better quality of life.